January 28, 2023

shirtless exchanging punches with another man inside the plane; Watch the video

Pictures of the jamming went viral on social media; The case happened on a Biman Bangladesh Airlines flight

Jan 11th
– 10:17 am

(updated at 10:23 am)

A shirtless passenger punches another man on a plane

A shirtless passenger punches another man on a plane

Photo: Playback / Twitter / @Bitanko_Biswas

A shirtless passenger exchanged punches with another man inside a plane of Biman Bangladesh Airlines, the national airline of Bangladesh. Bangladesh. Information from a British newspaper woman.

A video posted on social media shows the confusion taking place in the first row of seats on the plane. Apparently the shirtless man wants to get the other passenger, who is sitting down, out of that chair on the Boeing 777.

At one point, the discussion intensified and the seated passenger appeared, slapping the topless man across the face. In response, he took three punches, before the other men broke up. The newspaper reported that the scene was to take place before take-off.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines has not yet commented on the case and there has been no word on whether one of the two men has been arrested or not. The video went viral on Twitter after it was posted by Bitanko Biswas, who identifies himself on the social network as an airline employee.

“Another undisciplined passenger,” he wrote in the post’s caption. watching video:

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