September 26, 2023

Shiv Telegram Media: Alaska Airlines passengers alarmed as plane experiences rough landing during Tropical Storm Hilary: Sparks outside – Fox News

Alaska Airlines Flight Makes Hard Landing at John Wayne Airport amid Tropical Storm Hilary

In a harrowing incident, an Alaska Airlines flight made a hard landing at John Wayne Airport in Southern California amidst the raging Tropical Storm Hilary. Video footage captured the heart-stopping moment when the plane’s left wing scraped along the runway, emitting sparks.

Passengers on board the flight were thrown into a state of panic as the plane made contact with the ground at a high speed. Terrified screams filled the cabin as the aircraft struggled to make a safe landing. Officials later revealed that the plane had encountered a problem with its landing gear, which prevented it from taxiing to the gate.

Thankfully, all 106 passengers and six crew members on board were safely deplaned and transported to the terminal by bus. The Orange County Fire Authority played a crucial role in assisting with the evacuation, ensuring that no injuries were reported.

The incident occurred against the backdrop of Tropical Storm Hilary, which wreaked havoc in California and Nevada. The storm brought heavy rains and powerful winds, unmatched by anything seen in decades. The dire situation prompted emergency declarations in both states, with FEMA extending assistance to residents ahead of the storm’s arrival.

Sadly, the storm has already claimed a life in Mexico, underscoring the dangerous nature of the weather system. With the relentless downpour and strong winds, authorities are working tirelessly to mitigate further damage and ensure the safety of affected individuals.

As investigations into the plane’s hard landing continue, the incident serves as a potent reminder of the unpredictable nature of severe weather conditions. It also highlights the importance of emergency preparedness and the diligent efforts of organizations like FEMA to safeguard communities in times of crisis.

Despite the terrifying ordeal faced by the passengers on the Alaska Airlines flight, the successful evacuation and the prompt response from authorities offer some solace in an otherwise tumultuous situation.