December 1, 2023

Shiv Telegram Media: Suspended Indefinitely – Louisiana Tech LB Brevin Randles Controversial Incident with UTEP Players Head

Louisiana Tech Linebacker Suspended Indefinitely After Disturbing Incident on Field

In a shocking turn of events during Friday night’s game between Louisiana Tech and UTEP, Bulldogs linebacker Brevin Randle has been suspended indefinitely after stomping on the head of UTEP offensive lineman Steven Hubbard. The incident occurred in the second quarter, after the conclusion of a play, when Randle displayed an unacceptable act of aggression on the field.

Despite the disturbing nature of the incident, no penalty was called on the field, leaving many spectators and officials taken aback. Louisiana Tech’s athletic director, Eric Wood, and coach Cumbie wasted no time in addressing the incident, promptly meeting with Randle to inform him of his suspension. Randle, to his credit, has acknowledged his wrongdoing and understands the severity of the situation.

The University, athletic department, and football program of Louisiana Tech strongly believe in fostering a culture of class and competitive excellence, qualities that were not upheld in that moment on the field. After the play had been ruled dead, Randle proceeded to push Hubbard, who was already on the ground, before brutally stomping on his head and neck area with his right leg. Unfortunately, the officials on the play were focused on determining possession of the football and completely missed the incident.

It is worth noting that despite this unfortunate incident, Louisiana Tech emerged victorious in the game against UTEP with a final score of 24-10, improving their overall season record to 3-3. However, the focus remains on the gravity of Randle’s actions and the impact it may have on both teams involved.

Hubbard’s condition following the incident is currently unknown, as there have been no updates on his status. The incident serves as a reminder of the need for sportsmanship and discipline in all levels of athletic competition.

As investigations into the incident continue and discussions about appropriate disciplinary measures take place, it is imperative for both players and coaches to emphasize respect and sportsmanship on and off the field. Actions like Randle’s undermine the values that should be upheld in competitive sports, and it is our hope that necessary measures are taken to rectify this situation and prevent future incidents from occurring.