January 31, 2023

Shocked, Datina reveals what Silvio did in SBT and exclaims: ‘I never thought’

Datena was released by Band to record with competing animation

Datena He was in Jogo das Três Pistas against Silvio Santos, at SBT, this Sunday, June 12. Today, returning to Brasil Urgente, the veteran made a point to comment on his post.

In a conversation with Katia Fonseca, the journalist talked about what the most famous animator in Brazil did during the recording. For those who haven’t seen it, Patricia Abravanel’s father tore praises to him, causing him to cry in front of the audience.

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“It was the most important moment of my career. I am so grateful. I want to hear this so many times to think that Silvio said it to me. I am still in shock, I have not even stood up yet”, the journalist admitted to fellow Melhor da Tard.

“Never in my life did I think that this would happen. Oh my heavens, my heart should take him by six staves from now on,” he joked.

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Datina and Katia Fonseca spoke about the journalist’s recording with Patricia Abravanel and Silvio Santos on SBT (Image: clone/orchestra)

Silvio Santos statement

For those who haven’t seen it, the interviewer, who had already tried to get Datena on SBT, declared that he was impressed with his work, causing quite a bit of a stir on filming.

“It gives me great pleasure to welcome you because of my admiration for you as a viewer. He appears on screen every day and I follow as closely as possible the events of the police that you tell so well. And may God grant you to continue for many years to come.”

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