July 18, 2024

Shopee, AliExpress and Rua 25 de Março appear on US theft list – Law – Tecnoblog

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The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, affiliated with the Presidency’s Office, publishes the Notorious Market List (NML), or the list of infamous markets, in free translation. This document collects markets and domains with high incidence of theftIncluding Shopee and AliExpress. The NML also includes Rua 25 de MarçoMentioned as “one of the largest counterfeit markets in Brazil and Latin America”.

U.S. government lists March 25 as Latin America’s largest pirate trade (Image: Rogério Cassimiro / Flickr)

The NML is suspected every year by the US government to be a classification of markets and companies, benefiting from training, facility, neglect, theft or smuggling. Examples include pirate sites such as 1337x and The Pirate Bay. But e-commerce will also appear on the list.

Listed virtual stores include Shopee and AliExpress, which grow in Brazil and reach the level of competitors such as Amazon, Americanas and Magalu. We recently reported that billionaires from Brazilian companies are wanted Illegal purchase tax is levied from the markets by the Brazilian government.

The list goes on to say that there is a ‘very high level’ of theft in Shobi

In the business representative office list, Shopee has been described as a “high-end” counterfeit detection site Being sold. This includes retailers’ sites in Latin America, Europe and Southeast Asia – in addition to the online store in Taiwan.

There is also criticism of Shopi’s process of removing products that have been accused of being stolen on stage. Owners of property rights to these products say the process is “slow, diffused, painful” and, ultimately, “ineffective”.

In addition, U.S. companies claim that Shopee did not create the “environment” for sellers to stop selling pirated goods. There will be reason No more concrete penalties by the retailer against suspicious shoppers. Non-cooperation with companies is also seen as a problem.

In Brazil, Shobi signed a cooperation agreement with Broken-SP Restrict illegal advertising and regulate its operation in accordance with Brazilian law.

According to the NML, AliExpress saw an increase in theft

AliExpress application for Android, Alibaba Group site (Image: André Fogaça / Tecnoblog)
AliExpress application for Android, Alibaba Group site (Image: André Fogaça / Tecnoblog)

In turn, AliExpress appears in the NML as one of the most thieving stores in the world. Owners have noticed an increase in illegal products on the platform in 2021, however Alibaba, the owner of the business, is one of the best anti-piracy organizations In the field of e-commerce.

The list indicates that some counterfeit products are openly advertised as plagiarism, while others are advertised as legitimate.

Property owners point out that there is an increase in sellers of illegal items in the AliExpress store. Join the site a Seller, License required. However, the probation and punishment procedures of sellers are not sufficient to combat theft.

Finally, the U.S. government list addresses Rua 25 de Março is the main market for theftFeira da Madrugada, Nova Feira da Madrugada and popular shopping malls including Galeria Page, 25 de Março, Korai and Santa Efigênia.

The list says thousands of counterfeit goods such as electronics, toys, clothing and shoes are being traded around the area. The Commerce Office says warehouses with more pirated goods in this popular area of ​​Sao Paulo support the trade.

“The Rua 25 de Março area is a distribution center for counterfeit or stolen goods to other parts of Sவோo Paulo,” the NML said. The list cites that the lack of legal action and accountability of the traders behind the illegal sellers prevents real change in the neighborhood side and allows the sale of prohibited goods to proceed freely.

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