February 2, 2023
Should Neymar have taken a penalty against Croatia?  Botafogo technician sees complication and considers possible exchange: 'The coach is the leader'

Should Neymar have taken a penalty against Croatia? Botafogo technician sees complication and considers possible exchange: ‘The coach is the leader’

Arrangement of penalty takers Brazilian national team in the duel against Croatiawho eliminated Brazil from Qatar World Cup In the quarter-finals on Friday (9/12) he stirred up controversy. Reality Neymarconsidered one of the best batsmen in the world, did not have the opportunity to participate in the competition because he was fifth and last to ask questions in the press. Luis CastroTechnical Botafogo And a commentator on the “Seleção Qatar” program, Ali Sport TVComment on it.

According to Luís Castro, making changes to the order of applicants is “complicated”, especially if such a decision comes from an athlete previously listed in maximum penalties.

🇧🇷 Breaking the predetermined sequence is very complicated for the player. This player can fail when switching. If not, who ordered him to switch? – he asked.

After the journalists Andre Rizk And the Marcelo Barretothe presenters of the program, continued the discussion and considered that a change could have been made, Luis Castro returned to debunk his arguments, this time saying that any intervention must come from the coach, who will be in the case of choice Tete🇧🇷

🇧🇷 Everyone’s opinion is always welcome. But I still think that the leader of the team is the coach. Whether in penalties, on the flanks, in corners, positioning inside the area, when the ball is out… The coach is the leader. And not being on the players’ feet, the players have a really hard time turning that around – said the coach of Botafogo, who added that decisions are also made by the team.

🇧🇷 It’s the coach’s and players’ decision. It’s the moment when players say: “Best penalty 3, penalty 2”, because there is mental pressure. The mental pressure on a player on penalty 1 is not the same as on penalty 5. Rodrigo, if he were to take penalty 5 as decisive, he would have much more pressure than on penalty 1. We’ll be here now saying Rodrigo took 5, who shouldn’t have tapped Because it is “small” and has maximum pressure on it. So football has these things. Who is inside, the coach and the players decide – is over.

🇧🇷 I always defend the right to contradiction. I know it’s very bad for those on the field, bad for the coach and bad for the player. “Why did you do this and not do that?”🇧🇷 But it’s an exercise that fans and journalists do. It’s fair to ask. Why did Neymar stay to take the fifth penalty kick and not take the fourth?🇧🇷 The question seems totally valid to me. – commented Marcelo Pareto.

As in the 2018 World Cup, in Russia, Brazil was eliminated in the quarter-finals in Qatar. The national team tied with Croatia 0-0 in regular time, 1-1 in extra time with a wonderful goal from Neymar, and was later defeated in a penalty shootout with a score of 4-2. RodrigoFrom Real Madridand quarterback MarquinhosFrom Paris Saint-GermainI wasted their fees.