February 6, 2023
Silent, Anna Clara came out to Lyce's defense after a record of disapproval: 'Come and do it better'

Silent, Anna Clara came out to Lyce’s defense after a record of disapproval: ‘Come and do it better’

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Presenter Laís received on the “BBB – A Eliminação” program in Multishow

Ana Clara defends Laís - Image: clone / Multishow
Ana Clara defends Laís – Image: clone / Multishow

After his elimination, last Tuesday (22), with 91.25% of the vote is in a wall with Eliezer and Douglas Silvaformer sister lais Continue to meet its schedule of canceled appointments. The doctor participated in the “BBB – A Eliminação” program on Multishow led by Anna Clara And the Bruno de Lucaand won the support of the presenter who reached the finals of the 2018 edition.

“And the percentage, lys, is the bottom line of this. Every wall is a wall. Voices have a reason and you are loved here, people like you and those who don’t… Get Big Brother and do better.”Anna Clara launched. “Hi Anna Clara!Colleague Bruno De Luca supported him.

The sister, who was in a relationship with Gustavo on the show, broke the record for the highest elimination percentage in this version. With 91.25% of the vote, the Doctor also entered the ranking of the biggest rejections in the Berlin Trilogy in entire history. Big Brother Brazil.

Also during the conversation, the doctor was surprised by the participation of Rodrigo Mossi, the former brother of Print. The presenters were careful to remember that Lais often confused the names of Gustavo, her relationship at home, with Rodrigo, her “almost” relationship.

However, one detail caught attention: the entire conversation took place in front of Anna Clara, who is identified as the former BBB relationship. It should be noted that according to information from Léo Dias, columnist at Metrópoles, despite the chemistry between Anna and RodrigoThe distance and schedule ended up taking the couple a break from the relationship.