August 7, 2022
Silent, Sonia Abrau underestimates Reddy Globo's farewell to Fatma Bernards: 'Protocol'

Silent, Sonia Abrau underestimates Reddy Globo’s farewell to Fatma Bernards: ‘Protocol’


The announcer denounces the farewell of Fatma Bernardes from the ‘Encontro’ program and accuses Rede Globo of copying the tribute from the band to Faustão

Photo: A copy of the official Instagram of Fátima Bernardes
Photo: A copy of the official Instagram of Fátima Bernardes

On Friday (24th) afternoon, during the broadcast of the program “Time is yours” from the announcer TV network!with display Sonia Abrama journalist Again Gave something to talk about to me Criticize the tribute given by Rede Globo Celebrating ten years of the programme “Meeting with Fatima Bernardes” and honor her Presenter In the morning Fatima Bernardes, who will leave the program on July 1st.

While commenting on the matter, Sonia Abram Make a point to express his opinion accuse the Ready Globo From plagiarism the idea of ​​the announcer space saverAnd the Referring to the honor paid by hundreds of editions of the program “Faustau in the band”. according to Presentervideo produced by Ready Globo Celebrating ten years of ‘Date’ Also does not contain any emotion.

to what Sonia Abram He did not retreat and shot: “I liked the graphic part so much, it was great, but the idea of ​​the numbers took everything from Faustão, from last month, when he completed a hundred programs on the air by Band. It is very clear that this balance has been well done. But thanks, I wouldn’t question that too much because it’s a farewell, it’s a day of celebration”.

in production Globo TVjournalist Fatima Bernardis arrived in Globo Studios And everything was in the dark. Little by little the people who write on their body different words about the morning appear. in the novel Fatima Bernardis It tells how many programs she has done, how many guests she has received over time, as well as how many musicians and stories have already been presented.

Sonia AbramHowever, he broke his promise by criticizing the lack of animation Fatema During the video: “Just to comment here on the coolness of the narration, at no point does it seem like a farewell, because it contains feelings, it ends a cycle, it evokes feelings. It’s just a nice text, inspired by Faustão, but without emotion. Maybe it’s not Fatima’s fault, but a protocol to follow” .

And I pondered: “I’ve been through a lot of tights and this ending is so comforting. No one will cry because of it. Now I want to see how they’re going to force hand over the wand to Patricia Poeta. It’s going to be something else he won’t have affection for”.