July 18, 2024

Silvio Santos’ daughters were surprised by Thiago’s “tape”

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Silvio Santos' daughters were surprised by Thiago's "tape"
Silvio Santos' daughters were surprised by Thiago's "tape"

the BBB 22 yields many surprises for the Abravanel family. Yesterday, Patricia and her sister Rebecca appeared in a fun photo watching the program while Tiago, the announcers’ nephew, enjoyed DJ Alok Show, who marked the reality show’s first gig.

In the photo, posted on the Instagram Stories of the “Vem Pra Cá” leader, the two sisters appear with an open mouth and a shocked look. “Rebecca and I are watching Thiago getting naked at BBB,” she wrote in the caption to the photo, accompanied by a laughing emoji.

Announcing the presence of Tiago in reality The show came as a surprise to the Abravanel family. Patricia, who stated that she had never seen the show beforeThis time, he said, he wouldn’t lose it for nothing. “I can’t believe it! What bravery! I’ve never seen a BBB. Now I’m going to watch it! I don’t even know what day is going by! How brave! Imagine the butterflies in your belly oh my God, he surprises and conquers us even more with his cuteness and his playful and sensitive personality.”

Thiago is the son of Cynthia Abravanel, the first daughter of Silvio Santos. He is married to Fernando Poli, a television producer, with whom he has been in a relationship for nearly seven years. The actor’s love life became public in 2019, when Larissa Manuela shared a photo of the two with the caption, “The most beautiful couple.”

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