February 1, 2023

Simaria gets her butt in the game and demands a fresh start after a turbulent year; Image · TV news

Simaria Mendes used her Twitter account to send a Happy New Year message to her fans. This Saturday (31), Srtaneja said she is excited about the arrival of 2023.I hope that the role will be a new beginning, optimism, peace and many achievements for everyone.”

The publication of the artist was accompanied by a sensual image. She appeared wearing only a short top and panties, and received praise from netizens. Follower Paolo replied: “I loved every word, and I hope everything multiplies for you, beautiful.”

“Amen, my love, I loved you in 2021, I love you in 2022 and I will love you in 2023, and of all the years I’m here! With you forever,” fan Wesley declares.

This year, Simaria has had delicate moments in her life. In addition to exposing a crisis with her sister Simone, she too She was accused of having an affair with her brother-in-lawKaka Deniz. amid the rumors, Simone and Simaria duo ended in August.

“I will be temporarily away from the stage to take care of my children and my vocal condition. I am still fulfilling my prop commitments and planning the next steps in my artistic career. To our fans, all my sympathy, love and gratitude, you are my fuel to move forward,” he explained. Previous Vicente Escrig’svia the note.

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