December 2, 2023
Simaria tells her version about the end of the duet with her sister Simone: "In life, today we are partners" |  Nice

Simaria tells her version about the end of the duet with her sister Simone: “In life, today we are partners” | Nice

Simaria The journalist, Renata Seribelli, was received at her home to talk for the first time about new professional and life projects.

Renata Serebelli: What made you weak this year?
Simaria: What weakened me the most was seeing my children suffer in this separation.

Cimaría and Spaniard Vicente Eskrig have been married for 14 years. They have two children, Giovanna, 10, and Pavel, 7. The separation took place last year and the couple’s quarrel ended in the courts. The operation takes place in secret to justice.

“Actually, I had personal problems for a long time and it was very difficult for me to understand what God wants for me, because God is always talking to me through my dreams,” Simaria explains.

Renata Serebelli: Did you have a hard time making a decision?
Simaria: The doctor said to me, “My daughter, you have two ways to go – either you remain married for the sake of your children and you will be unhappy or you will be happy.” “I chose to be happy,” I said, “and went home determined not to continue with the marriage.”

Renata Serebelli and Simaria – Photo: Reproduction / Fabulous

Renata Serebelli: Was he a doctor… Was he a friend?
Simaria: Not my friend my father. It was so hard for me, I looked at my two kids, and I thought, God, am I going to be able to handle all of this? Responsibility to work with the band…
Renata Serebelli: I’m meeting a woman with powers here.
Simaria: Get strong, but I suffer. I suffer directly. I like to suffer.

Simaria was discovered by forró singer Frank Aguiar. Then Simon joined the band. The two sang with him for seven years. Success came only in 2012, when they formed the duo and released “Bar das Coleguinhas”.

Renata Serebelli: I can’t help but ask you about a letter to you that had so many repercussions, which I felt from Simone and that was one of the reasons you wanted to break up with her, to end the partnership.
Simaria: It’s not even that I want to break up. I was so weak in that interview I had, tired, voiceless, hoarse, exhausted, you know, watching some things I didn’t like at work, I put it all together and there was a time when I said, ‘Guys, I can’t bear it anymore. It’s like a husband standing on your toes. But then we talked. We understand each other. She came here at home. She said, be careful, sister. My sister, but she was suffocating me. We talked and understood each other. In life, today we are partners, sisters.

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