August 7, 2022
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Simon Byles has written to Congress to dissolve the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee

A month after the US Senate Judiciary Committee testified about the FBI’s errors in investigating sexual abuse Larry NasserSimon Byles, a former member of the American Artistic Gymnastics team, joined former gymnasts McClellan Maroni, Ali Riceman and Maggie Nichols to send a letter to Congress this week. The panel has called for the dissolution of the entire Olympic and Paralympic Committee of the United States (USOBC) over the crimes.

The letter was sent to Senators Richard Blumenthal and Jerry Moran, four of the more than 200 victims of Larry Nasser’s gymnasts, who say USOBC’s top priority is “covering up crime and avoiding responsibility.”

“The USOBC board did not take up the matter after learning that Nasser was an aggressor. Facing epidemic issues such as the continued refusal to seek real and necessary reforms in the system. “

Congress has the right to dissolve the committee from August last year if it finds evidence that the organization has not fulfilled its purpose. “We believe it is time for Congress to exercise its power over the organization it has created, to accept the leadership instead of the entire USOBC board and to do what needs to be done long ago, including the USOBC, all attempts to cover it up,” the gymnasts said.

The USOPC has defended the handling of the Larry Nasser case, claiming that it has implemented the most far-reaching administrative reforms in the last two decades.

In February 2018, Larry Nasser was sentenced to 360 years in prison for raping 265 women. Victims are still seeking relief from the American Gymnastics Federation (American Gymnastics Federation) and the US Olympic Committee.