July 2, 2022
Simon recalls miscarriage in US: 'I started to cry'

Simon recalls miscarriage in US: ‘I started to cry’

Simon said it was an extraordinary experience in the United States. The 37-year-old singer was accidentally arrested at the airport during her first trip to the country and commented on the situation in a video posted on YouTube.

Frank Aguiar went to a show in the US and we were with him. All documents were valid with multiple credentials. The police spoke to me and took me to a room. Thought I’d see something. Some police officers came and put a leather belt around my waist with a chain and handcuffs. I started to cry. Again, I imagine for the first time in the country. For them, my passport was stolen.

When she left for the country, the non-English-speaking singer said, “The feeling of being trapped without making any mistakes is the worst in the world.”

Next, Simon joked that he could “make a lot of money” by filing a lawsuit at the time. “Actually, I do not fit in, I do not know how it works. I did not try to find out because I was so young, I am 15.16 years old.”

The singer remembers that her mother always signed a letter of intent to take her and Zimaria on trips. “We were always very honest women. We worked from a young age.”

They took me to a place full of people. And the psychological pressure they used? ‘You could say your passport was stolen. Truth be told we will let you call your mom anyway. You can get stuck here and never see your parents again. ‘ I even took photos. I was frustrated and cried so much. How will my word be counted? They had to investigate. I think I was stuck for at least five hours. Then those persons came and said ‘Sorry madam. You can get to know our country. Wrong ‘.

Simon, for a long time, said he never wanted to go to that country again. “The second time we went, we passed the first time. The bad memories were erased and I had unique experiences,” he concluded.