December 7, 2022
Simu Liu aka Shang-Chi makes fun of Batgirl's cancellation and Warner's problems

Simu Liu aka Shang-Chi makes fun of Batgirl’s cancellation and Warner’s problems

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The Warner Bros. Discovery In a call to investors, she revealed her new approach after the board change, and part of the strategy involves meticulously cutting costs — even if it means scrapping entire projects like bat girl and sequence Scooby!. At this rather inappropriate moment, he was one of the stars Marvel Studios Take the opportunity to make jokes.

Simo LiuWho lives the protagonist Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Ringstook advantage of the chaos in the privileged competition to play a joke, pretending that the hero’s Christmas show had been canceled before Disney Although it is fully registered.

in Posted on Twitter (in English), Leo pretends to make an announcement saying,I regret to inform you that Disney has canceled the Shang-Chi’s Christmas special for quality control reasons.‘, and jokes that there was even a reconstruction after Ta Lo in the form of a sponge cake.

Simu Liu, Marvel’s Shang-Chi, juggles the whole mess at Warner Bros. A discovery in a tweet that sparked controversy

The actor’s joke has a few layers. First, chaos in the direction of the studio and DC . Movieswhat or what Should undergo changes soon. Then the idea that bat girl Canceled because it’s badsomething that has never been completely denied before Warner. And also a slight reference to star Warswhose birthday is to this day considered one of the worst things ever in franchise history.

at the expense of inappropriate moment And how strange the whole situation is at Warner Bros. Discovery, many people in the responses were uncomfortable with the joke, wondering Simo Liu I recommend Do not play something that affects creative teams behind canceled projects.

The actor has yet to comment on the controversy surrounding his post.

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