December 4, 2022
"Since he is unemployed, he is no longer relevant"

“Since he is unemployed, he is no longer relevant”

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Marcius Melhem filed a lawsuit against The Noite presenter and claimed moral damages

Marcius Melhem is out of the spotlight after alleged cases of behind-the-scenes bullying at Globo
© Reproduction / Instagram / @danilogentili marciusmelhemMarcius Melhem is out of the spotlight after alleged cases of behind-the-scenes bullying at Globo

Danilo Gentile He is a controversial comedian and presenter. Over the years of his career, the caller collected numerous lawsuits and feuds in the artistic world. a while ago, Marcius Melhema former employee of Globestarted a legal battle against Danilo and demanded moral damages after Gentili commented on his alleged moral harassment to improve.

at recent days , Court of Justice of Sao Paulo He denied the appeal and said that the presenter the night did not commit any crime, Danilo He only enjoys his right to freedom of expression. This Tuesday (18), Danilo spoke on the topic for the first time and gave Marcius several pins.

You asked me for my opinion of the decision Judgewho acquitted me in the case with Marcius Melhem. I thought it was fair, I was making a joke. I even thought Marcius Melhem would understand what the joke was, but I remembered the shows he used to do Globe And I thought, No, I don’t think he understands what the joke isHe said in a video posted on social media.

Anyway, it was a process that was lacking because I had already been sued by everyone else. Deputy, governor, mayor, politician… Now, why comedian? That was the first time. But I admit that in the end I loved it because it was the first time I ended up laughing at something Marcius Melhem she did. Do I intend to continue talking about it? I don’t know, if it’s back in the news, I’ll let you know. But since he’s unemployed, he’s no longer relevant, I think it would be difficult for anyone to talk about him again‘, he finished.