May 31, 2023
“Since you are looking for a sock”;  Textor has been notified that 'Weight' 10 is also on Flamengo's agenda and is trying to act

“Since you are looking for a sock”; Textor has been notified that ‘Weight’ 10 is also on Flamengo’s agenda and is trying to act


The medal is available in the market and its representatives are looking forward to the Brazilian market

- Textor and Lacy
© Photos: Wagner Meier/Getty Images and Daniel Apuy/Getty Images– Textor and Lacy

Botafogo And the flamingo They are eternal competitors. In recent weeks, clubs have entered into a dispute to sign Luis Henrique. Fla already had an agreement with him, but Olympique Marseille He played hard because he wanted a sale and ended up with CRF. So, Fogão firmly came and hired the player, who was exposed by the club and returned.

Glorious now seeks heavy reinforcements, as does Crimson-Black. This Tuesday (13), newspaper “the scientistI reported a case James Rodriguez The names of flamingo and botafogo got involved. Alvinegro dreams of hiring an ace, and is doing his best to hire him, but the information at the moment is that the competitor is watching the movement.

He was also offered by brokers working with the player coming to Brazil at Atlético-MG, who preferred to sign Alan Kardec. Flamengo is watching the action, as they are looking for a midfielder, but there are no negotiations“, An excerpt from the report said.

James is 31 years old and, as much as he prioritized Europe, he has not received any attractive offers.. Therefore, Brazilian football looks like a big possibility. The midfielder is that authentic number 10 jersey, an ace that would improve any national football team.

Botafogo, in turn, had already made an offer to hire him, but it was turned down.. John Textor is adamant and wants to convince you to wear the Glorioso shirt. On the other hand, this new information from Flamengo can create an auction.