Six benefits of temporary employment

Six avantages de l'emploi temporaire

If there are sometimes considered as ” jobines “, temporary employment has several advantages. Here’s six.

1. Gain experience

If you’ve just come out of school, have changed the domain or look for which branch you want to work in a temporary job is ideal, because it is often easier to obtain and gives you the opportunity to have a first experience or to test your new choice of career. As this is a fixed term contract, this will give you both the experience for your next job and will set you free if you realize that you don’t like your new domain.

2. Have a flexible schedule

A temporary work often allows you to not fully occupy your time. If you are a parent or student, this type of work allows you to accommodate your schedule to combine all of your obligations. You also have the leisure, if you’re contract, to accept these or not, allowing you to enjoy it during the calm periods to go on holiday off-periods of traffic or carry out personal projects.

3. Develop your skills

In addition to enhance your c. v. with a experience of extra work, fixed-term or contract, you can develop new skills, to be formed by a variety of professionals and learn new methods of work. According to an article on the website of Randstad, the ” employment market current values the candidates with various skills as they renew and are continuously improving. “Another reason to go and seek out different experiences, so.

4. Manage expectations

On the one hand, as you are only there temporarily, the expectations of you, the level of involvement within the company, the pressure, the level of responsibility or your availability at times atypical or extra time are lower. This allows you to balance your work. On the other hand, if you do not know much of the area in which you run, temporary employment allows you to better understand the demands of the market and will help you in finding your next job.

5. Aim for a full-time job

Ariane D. Gingras, assistant to human resources at Groupe Perspective, says in an article that ” 40 % temporary positions lead to permanent positions “, if that is what you want. Some companies offer initially temporary contracts to explore the different talents that are available before taking a decision for hiring full-time. So you may be the candidate chosen in the end for a full-time job.

6. Increase your income

As a temporary job does often offer no stability or social welfare benefits, employers compensate by increasing the hourly wage of temporary employees or to contract, sometimes so considerable as to attract temporary workers. “The discomfort that transformed the temporary work is fading. If you have useful skills, work of a contract could prove to be rewarding and lucrative, ” says the site Randstand.

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