November 28, 2022
Skilled labor shortage in Brazil reaches 81%

Skilled labor shortage in Brazil reaches 81%

The skilled labor shortage in Brazil is 81% above the global average of 75%. See other survey data.

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ManpowerGroup conducted a survey that indicated that the shortage of skilled workers in Brazil in 2022 reached a mark of 81%, higher than the world average, which is 75%.

According to Wilma Dal Col, director of strategic people management at ManpowerGroup, in an interview with CNN Radio, the pandemic has “stepped up the acceleration” of the situation, but it wasn’t the cause.

He noted that “every year, companies find it more difficult to fill vacancies, from the simplest to some that require greater preparation and training.”

Therefore, these difficulties are related to β€œthe advancement and development of technology, which increasingly offers agile solutions and requires the best human competencies.”

The consulting firm interviewed 40,000 employers in 40 countries, with 3 out of 4 entrepreneurs claiming they were having difficulties finding new talent.

soft skills

In this way, interpersonal skills “require that the human improve the ability for relationships and integrated work, for example”.

According to Wilma, organizations, faced with this situation, have two paths to follow, either a short-term approach or a sustainable approach.

β€œThe first is the question of how to attract and retain talent, if I have the best practices of selection and delivery of what they want, and sustainability is working with preparing professionals, being a pool of talent, not people who are ready on the spot.”

Concurrent with this position, the manager asserts that change is β€œin the hands of the professional too”: β€œIt is a two-way street, individual choices are part of it, and the value proposition of the profession is important and it is in the hands.”

Sectors where there is a shortage of skilled labour

The research shows that the sectors in which the demand for talent is increasing are:

  • Information Technology;
  • Customer service;
  • logistics and operations; And the
  • sales and marketing.

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