February 6, 2023

“Sleep deprivation is evil”

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Gabriela Prioli and Thiago Mansour are the parents of little Ava. The journalist talked about the first days of the baby

Gabriela Prioli spoke about the early days of motherhood
© Play / Instagram / @gabrielaprioliGabriela Prioli spoke about the early days of motherhood

Gabriella Prioli The Internet broke with the birth of the little one AvailableThe result of the relationship between the journalist and the musical artist Thiago Mansour. On social media, the blonde shared some of her maternity days with her followers, and on Wednesday (28), the caller chose to talk about the new process in her life.

One of the things that caught Gabriella’s attention after giving birth was seeing how many women were helping in that time. In the excerpt, she explains that she commented on the topic with her mom and said it was a file Construction The sweet thing that happens between her and the other moms.

I come here to tell you something I told my mother. I get a lot of messages, but the ones I get from women who gave birth not so long ago always have a different tone. It is natural, of course, and most of our attention is focused on drinksBut new moms ask how are you, if you need anything, they make themselves available“, He said.

In the end, I talked about some of the difficulties in these early days. “Mouth is mine yeah… But anyway, there are good days, and worse, and sleep deprivation it’s a punk The message I will leave is that we trust our decisions because that is the only way we can be calm, without fear of others’ expectations, and what the other thinks is best, no matter how close the other is.”announced.