September 29, 2023
Heather Kovar is in the air: Drunk?

“Sleepless and shocked by the death of her father”

TV presenter Heather Kovar explained why He seemed to be throwing his words out In a WRGB-Albany news broadcast last Saturday (7/9), which many on social media attributed to the fact that she be “drunk”.

Kovar told The Sun that she I was sleepless and tired After returning to the network shortly after your father’s deathWillie who left her “shook”. This was the reason he gave for problems with speech and a “shaggy” look. Father passed away on May 18.

Kovar was supposed to work six shifts and nights on Saturdays. Because of the repercussions, it was revealed Your contract will not be renewed When it expires on July 31.

Heather Kovar is in the air: Drunk?
Heather Kovar is in the air: Drunk? Photo: reproduction

Heather Kovar
Heather Kovar Photo: Reproduction

Robert Croteau, vice president and general manager of WRGB-Albany, the CBS affiliate in New York State, told the Times Union:

“Heather Kovar has been suspended pending our internal investigation.”

The network administration has not commented on Heather’s allegations. On Sunday (10/7), he was actually replaced by Emma Quinn.

During the broadcast, Heather said muted phrases:

“Like I said, going forward, we also need to report, you know, the news is happening everywhere, in our region, in our country.”

“Okay, good evening! Like I said this morning, if you watched us this morning at 6 or 7 am, do you know what I said? It’s a beautiful day outside. So it’s a perfect time for live music. Free.”

At another point, the presenter called weatherman Craig Gould, but mistakenly called him “Craig Adams.” In an effort to correct the misunderstanding, Heather spoke: “what I said?”

“Like me, meteorologist Craig Gould also works a double shift…”I explained.