May 28, 2023

Sleepy at work? Find out how this practice boosts your efficiency!

Feeling sleepy at work is normal, and for sure, many people must have gone through this in their professional journey. Although this is common, it is out of the question to take a break He sleeps at workSo we fight as hard as we can against fatigue.

However, this can actually be harmful to us. Understand how napping can be beneficial at work.

Napping as a productive ally

Find out why napping should be part of our work routine:

the study

A study conducted by the University of Michigan in the United States showed results proving that napping at work can improve productivity.

Something that is always seen as unacceptable in a professional routine can be really beneficial for a company that encourages its employees to take nap breaks.

study process

To get more accurate results, this study was divided into certain phases among participants between the ages of 18 and 50.

Three days before the test, all participants followed a planned sleep schedule; After three days, they were asked to complete laboratory tasks and answer questions about sleep, mood, and impulsivity.

The last step was to choose between a nap break or watching a nature video and after that break do all the tasks again.


Those who chose to snooze reported being less frustrated about performing tasks again, which led to more persistence in completing them.

For people who need to stay awake for an extended period of time, naps can help very well, says Jennifer Goldschmid, one of the study’s authors.

This habit can help the employee stay focused during production, which enhances the professional’s toughness and perseverance.

Other participants who did not choose to nap appeared to be more likely to give up, which impairs their efficiency and productivity.