September 30, 2023
Slovenia calls Lin da Quebrada 'friend', causes trouble and gets reprimanded by TV news

Slovenia calls Lin da Quebrada ‘friend’, causes trouble and gets reprimanded by TV news

one more time, Slovenia Marques Linn da Quebrada is referred to as the masculine pronoun in BBB 22. The model described the actress as a “friend” and caused a stir Saturday night (22) during the season’s first gig. “You can’t go wrong anymore,” the Camarote member complained.

While speaking to the celebrity, Pararibana shot: “Not here, my friend.” Soon, I tried to correct the word. “Friend! Damn it! That was unintentional,” he continued, confining himself. Upset by the situation, Lin alerted her colleague about the error. Shoot “Friend, you can’t be wrong anymore”.

This is not the first time that Slovenia has mentioned flexible Using the masculine pronoun. On another occasion, the model called the singer “He”.

“I don’t know if I was at the table, but we were talking to Lynn, Linda, and I’m going to call her Linda…and then she [Lina] He said: I want pepper. Then someone passed by and I took it, and then I said: No, it’s his. there at that time [Lina] “She” said the influencer. Lucas Bisoli after what happened.

On Twitter, Team Pipoca member team released a note:

Here, in the real world, Eslô is someone who is always listened to, she is always silent to learn, many times in conversations with friends, she has learned something and never repeated it again. We know how dangerous it is to call someone a trans/transvestite with a conscience they don’t know.

“We know how this can affect and hurt a lot of people and we don’t agree with that. We would never put Slovenia as the victim in this situation, but it is also up to us to express this moment when I realized the big mistake and regretted and apologized with Lynn and understood the post and accepted her apology We hope that it will evolve every day so that situations like today are not repeated again,” the participant team added.

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