August 8, 2022
Slovenia grew up in a monastery, choosing to wait for sex with Lukas on BBB 22 TV News

Slovenia grew up in a monastery, choosing to wait for sex with Lukas on BBB 22 TV News

Slovenia Marques Let his religious background speak louder. She revealed to her colleagues that she was not thinking of having sex with her Lucas Bisoli In the BBB 22 To avoid getting out of control, even after spending hot moments on the quilt with him. Raised in a monastery, the model preferred not to classify the type of relationship between the two.

“Me, today, if I don’t have a relationship, it’s because I’m not 100% sure. It has nothing to do with him.” [Lucas]. With him I am safe. But in terms of exposure. Which I still am not. If you stay in an hour, my love… Hold that house! “It will be every hour,” the Pernambuco woman joked, in the early hours of Friday (18).

Before joining Big Brother Brazil, She studied Slovenia for years to become a nun and held a position in the consecrated religious life. Her plans went awry when the church discovered a “sin”: her candidacy for Miss Brazil.

Sex is still on the fourth sucker, and it became a topic after that Vinicius Fernandez false Eliezer Netto Not being able to undo. Businessman already fuck with MaryaI walked out of the reality show this week, and with Natalia Deodato.

“Don’t do that, no, Eslô. Nothing comes out well. You might lose your platform [para a final do programa]. Think of the sponsors you might lose, “Vinicius’ shot.” Stop talking nonsense, you’re opening your mouth to say bad things,” Eli replied. Get away from me, go and catch Natalia,” the citizen Ciara reacted.

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