SNC-Lavalin: the conservatives want to hear Justin Trudeau in committee

SNC-Lavalin: les conservateurs veulent entendre Justin Trudeau en comité

OTTAWA — The conservative opposition took advantage of their opposition day to call for the appearance of the prime minister Justin Trudeau in front of the standing committee on justice and human rights which focuses on the case of SNC-Lavalin.

The leader of the conservative Party, Andrew Scheer, has held a press conference Monday morning in Ottawa to discuss the motion, that he was about to submit to the House of commons. He argued that this history affected “the essence of what makes Canada a country just and democratic.”

The office of the prime minister has not wanted to provide comments on this request on Monday morning.

A committee began last week an examination of the case of SNC-Lavalin, which has plunged the Trudeau government in turmoil since the Globe and Mail wrote that the ex-minister of Justice and attorney general, Jody Wilson-Raybould, would have suffered undue pressure.

The study continues on Monday with the testimonies of four experts in law who will come to offer explanations on the agreements further suspended and the doctrine Shawcross, a convention that codifies the double role of the minister of Justice and attorney general.

But it is really the former minister at the heart of this storm that has shaken the liberal Jody Wilson-Raybould, and it is expected the witness with the greatest impatience. It is expected that she will present to the committee Tuesday or Wednesday.

Until last week, she said you always receive legal advice on the question of privilege, which she invokes to justify the few details that she was able to provide on this case of political interference as alleged.



That, in view of the remarks of the prime minister on Wednesday, 20 February 2019, according to which the standing committee on justice and human rights is the appropriate forum for that Canadians get answers on the case of SNC-Lavalin, and that, given its direct involvement alleged in a sustained effort to influence the criminal proceedings against SNC-Lavalin, the Chamber ordered the prime minister to appear, to testify and answer questions under oath before the standing Committee on justice and human rights at a meeting of television two hours before the Friday, march 15, 2019.

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