SNC-Lavalin: Trudeau denies his office lobbied on Wilson-Raybould

SNC-Lavalin: Trudeau nie que son bureau a fait pression sur Wilson-Raybould

OTTAWA – Justin Trudeau denies the “allegations” that his office had put pressure on the ex-minister of Justice, Jody Wilson-Raybould, in order that it intervene to avoid at SNC-Lavalin, a trial for fraud and corruption. It ensures that no one has “given instructions”.

The daily newspaper the Globe and Mail reported Thursday that the bodyguards of the prime minister has tried to convince her to ask the public prosecution Service of Canada (PPSC) to enter into an agreement with the engineering firm.

But the minister, Wilson-Raybould has refused to give to the director of public prosecutions, Kathleen Roussel, instructed to negotiate an “agreement of lawsuit hanging” with SNC-Lavalin, according to unnamed sources who have spoken to the journalists of the Globe and Mail.

“The allegations in the news report this morning is untrue. Neither I, nor my office, have asked the attorney general present or in the past to take any decision in this challenge,” decided Justin Trudeau on the sidelines of an announcement in Ontario, Thursday.

It did not affect this response, and has repeated the term “particular guidelines” (“live”, in English), when he was asked if he was willing to go so far as to deny categorically that his office had tried to influence or bring pressure to bear on the former minister of Justice.

The montreal company is accused of fraud and corruption by the royal Canadian mounted police (RCMP). According to the federal police, SNC-Lavalin allegedly paid $ 47.7 million to public office holders in Libya in order to influence them.

The agreements further suspended suspend criminal proceedings against companies. In exchange, they admit the facts, and then agree to “pay a financial penalty important and cooperate with the authorities”, according to a government website.

In the office of the minister Wilson-Raybould, who is now in charge of the case of veterans, we do not wish to react to this information. She has “no comment to make on this story,” wrote his press secretary, Alex Wellstead.

The leader of the conservative Party, Andrew Scheer, was without appeal: he does not believe Justin Trudeau, and the training is studying “all options” to get to the bottom of things.

“We heard the prime minister use the lines so prepared, clearly, by lawyers in a language that is very, very legal”, he exposed in the media in the foyer of the Commons.

“What is perhaps even more shocking is that the prime minister seems to have fired his minister of Justice to have refused to submit to its demands”, said Mr. Scheer, conceding that he has no evidence enabling him to come to this conclusion.

Last January, one that will have been the first Aboriginal to find themselves at the helm of the prestigious and important department of Justice of Canada has lost the stripe in the cabinet of the government of Justin Trudeau.

His demotion has caused some surprise.

Because most observers were expecting a slight redesign, which had essentially been made to fill the vacuum left by the resignation of the minister Scott Brison.


At Rideau Hall, Jody Wilson-Raybould had pleaded that she did not view her new position as less prestigious than the previous.

On the other hand, on its internet website of mp, it was published the same day a statement to defend its balance sheet and an inventory of his accomplishments and records that she has driven – an unusual step.

This declaration dated January 14, latter were, moreover, of the remarks which have left many guessing.

“The role of the attorney general of Canada comes with unique responsibilities in terms of respect for the rule of law and the administration of justice, and therefore, it requires a certain level of independence, based on principles,” one can read there.

“It was always clear to me that the attorney general of Canada, must be non-partisan, more transparent about the principles that govern the decision, and in this sense, always be ready to tell the truth to people in positions of power”, is it also written in this web entry.

The PPSC “is a prosecuting authority national, independent, and responsible, whose main objective is to prosecute federal crimes and to provide legal advice and assistance to enforcement agencies of the law,” one can read on the website of the body.

Except with respect to matters under the Canada elections Act, the attorney general of Canada can give to the director of public prosecutions ‘guidelines on prosecution or to support a prosecution”, says one.

The directions must be given in writing and published in the Canada Gazette.

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