January 29, 2023
Solange Bezerra accuses reality of manipulation

Solange Bezerra accuses reality of manipulation

Solange Bezerra, mother Deolane Bezerra, who gave away the R$1.5 million win in “farm 2022” (RecordTV) took to social media to thank fans afterwards He was admitted to the intensive care unit of a hospital in Sao Paulo last weekend.

“I couldn’t come and talk to you, could I? And thank you for all the prayers, for all the words of affection. I’m recovering really well, it was a big scare. I had very high blood pressure. I’ve been through a lot since days of this show of this show, so We are human and there are times when health is really a shout out,” he said.

He added, “Everything is fine, I have done many tests and now it is time to take care of my health.”

Solange also said that she wanted to leave Deolane and actually blurted out:

I still can’t get too emotional. I will do what my doctor says and all is well. I have my daughter at home, which is what I wanted. I couldn’t stand this manipulated program anymore, dirt. Thank God, the nightmare is over and our lives are back

Solange Bezerra announced

Earlier, Deolane The mother filmed and posted the video in her stories, saying:

“The bitch has already come home.”

“Thank God, and you too!” Solange celebrated.

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