June 3, 2023

Solar and Mercury eclipses will be seen this weekend

Published on 04/26/2022 11:12

(credit: CLAUS BECH)

At the end of this week, two phenomena can be observed with the naked eye in the sky. On the 29th and 30th of April, Mercury It will be high definition and there will still be a file solar eclipse.

On Friday (April 29), Mercury will be at its zenith and can be seen with the naked eye, a rare moment. This is because the planet will be at eastern elongation, that is, it will be at the farthest moment from the sun in its orbit. This happens every 87 days, and this time it will be especially visible during sunset, on the horizon line.

On Saturday (4/30), the world will witness a partial solar eclipse, which will occur in the southern parts of the Southern Hemisphere and the Pacific Ocean. This phenomenon is best observed in Chile, but it will be visible in Argentina and can be seen partially in southern Brazil.

Scientists have shown that the peak of the partial solar eclipse will occur around 17:41 Brasilia time. The closer we are to Argentina, the more likely we are to be observed.