February 1, 2023
Some users are banned from WhatsApp forever;  understand

Some users are banned from WhatsApp forever; understand

This Monday (21), many GB users complained that they were banned from the original

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  • WhatsApp permanently blocks the numbers of some WhatsApp GB users;

  • The version is pirated and conflicts with the original Terms of Service;

  • However, severe penalties usually hit those who broke the rules multiple times.

Part of the users of WhatsApp GB, which is a pirated version of WhatsApp, will not return to the original application. The company “marked” some numbers that were caught violating the rules and permanently banned them from the platform.

According to WhatsApp’s Terms of Service, creating or using any application that performs the same function is a breach of contract. WhatsApp GB is an example, as it is identical to the original and even needs to be linked to the app account for it to work. The difference is that it has other types of features, such as hiding “Online”, hiding audio recording, and scheduling messages, among others.

This Monday (21), Many GB users complained that they were blocked From the original and the topic remained in the hottest Twitter threads until the next day.

You have been banned from WhatsApp; what should be done?

If your situation is like that of those who cannot, at all, recover their account, the only way out is to buy a new mobile SIM and create an account. It should be noted that this makes it impossible to restore old messages and groups, since they belong to the old number.

If the block is permanent, there is also an option to use other messengers, such as Telegram and Signal. The number will no longer enter WhatsApp, but will continue to send SMS and make calls as usual.

However, the penalties for using WhatsApp GB are not always very severe – most of the time, with those caught violating the platform’s rules multiple times. So there is still hope if you are using GB and have been banned. Just try creating an account on the official app again, backing up your data on your phone. In case of temporary ban, just wait for the suspension period and use the messenger again. Information from Canaltech.

WhatsApp GB is over?

no. So far, the original WhatsApp hasn’t been able to stop the hacker from working, especially since it’s not available in app stores – like Play Store and Apple Store. The download takes place over the web, which makes it difficult for the company to operate.

However, it is possible to close the blockade in other ways, such as the one made recently, by blocking users from the original application. Adoption, then, becomes unfavorable for those contemplating acquiring GB, because they run the risk of suffering from the same problems as other users.