September 29, 2023
"Something to do"

“Something to do”

Susana Vieira makes a video appeal along with Ana Furtado and shamelessly asks Bonino for a post on social media

Susanna Vieira He benefited from a meeting with him Anna Furtado Globo is on this Thursday (7) to send a message to the announcer’s husband, the entertainment director Attractive. Away from the small screen for some time, the veteran decided to ask for a new opportunity to return to work at Globo.

The actress explained that she is far from soap operas and talk shows, but she is ready to move on. So, I wanted to know if the person responsible for Big Brother Brazil It can’t fit in any of your projects inside Platinum Venus.

“Bonigno, do you have something to do within your schedule, because I’m off the talk show, and I don’t have the talk show anymore. Do you have something to do? Thank you very much. Kiss, I love you”Susana Vieira says in the video.

The report was published by the director himself on his personal Instagram page, with the right to a comment replying to the veteran: “You can all [emojis de coração]”, he wrote. In the comments, many netizens asked the singer to participate in the upcoming edition of the country’s largest reality show. Will he come?

Hudson Neary Shows Sex In Reality Recording

Delete from strong couple 6 This Thursday (seventh), Hudson NearyHadpala, he opened his heart to give details of The intimate relations he established with his wife, Elisa Vagondisduring the Record Reality Show.

“We made love almost every day, took the opportunity to make love, and did it without explaining.”Hudson said on YouTube Live do Eliminado. The former football player also explained that they avoid making noise as much as possible during the show so as not to draw the attention of other participants in the reality show.