Sonia LeBel delegates some of its responsibilities to Isabelle Charest

Sonia LeBel délègue une partie de ses responsabilités à Isabelle Charest

The minister Sonia LeBel, who combines several of the functions of the council of ministers, entrust part of its responsibilities to the minister responsible for Education, Isabelle Charest.

Ms. Charest will add to its responsibilities that of the status of women. Ms. LeBel remains minister of Justice and minister responsible for the Relations of canada and the canadian Francophonie.

At a press conference Tuesday afternoon, the prime minister François Legault explained that Ms. LeBel was a lot on the shoulders, which should also drive the reform of the voting system.

He said he was confident that Ms. Charest can resume with gusto the record of the status of women.

Ms. LeBel indicated that, with all its responsibilities, including the imposing ministry of Justice, it “did not have the opportunity to put all the energy” that is needed on the issue of the status of women.

She mentioned all the reforms that it needs to put in place, including those of the law of the family and of the mode of voting.

“I think that it was very important that the status of women has a strong voice, dedicated to be able to make these issues”, she said.

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