August 19, 2022
Sony announces PlayStation Stars loyalty program

Sony announces PlayStation Stars loyalty program

Sony just announced a completely free loyalty program: playstation stars. The new version will be released later in 2022 and will offer rewards to the community for completing “various campaigns and activities”.

A brief description was posted on PS . Blogpaying off:

All PlayStation Stars members will have opportunities to earn loyalty points. Points can be redeemed in a catalog that may include PSN Wallet funds and select PlayStation Store products. As an added benefit, PlayStation Plus members who are enrolled in the PlayStation Stars Program automatically earn points for PlayStation Store purchases.

To earn these points the system will work as follows:

  • PS Plus subscribers will get bonus points to use in the PS Store;
  • Indie games, downloadable content, collectibles, and more redeemable items in the future;
  • Special rewards for the player who first unlocks a certain Platinum Cup in his region;
  • In the monthly check-in campaign, any game will offer a bonus;

PlayStation Stars will have digital collectibles

In addition, program participants will receive “digital collectibles” such as “lovable and iconic characters from games and other media, as well as lovable devices that capitalize on Sony’s history of innovation.”

It is worth emphasizing that the above feature has nothing to do with NFTs. Grace Chen, vice president of licensing and loyalty, confirmed this in an interview with The Washington Post and made it clear that she had no way of buying or selling these digital achievements.

Like the new PS Plus, PS Stars will be launched regionally and in phases. We can’t help but wait for Sony to bring you more news.