July 24, 2024

Sony explains the lack of full screen mode

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Sony explains the lack of full screen mode
Sony explains the lack of full screen mode

sony santa monica released God of War PC, but a simple feature that is present in many games on the platform is not present in the 2018 title port. It turns out that the game is played in “frameless mode” on devices and the “full screen” option is not available. Developer plans.

According to Matt Dewald, the studio’s senior director of production, the decision on the current model was made based on several performance tests and research into Windows 10 capabilities and improvements for applications running on Windows 10. Screen Zoom. The version of the DirectX11 driver used by video cards also affects the choice of interactions with vertical sync features.

In God of War on PC, the upgrade — a function capable of simulating an image at a higher resolution than the original — applied to the port is of better quality on screens when run in the mode currently in use, according to data from research conducted by the developers. With no plans to make the game full screen, Limitless mode will continue to receive improvements:

We are aware of problems with the implementation Unlimited full screen We are looking for solutions. For example, HDR must be enabled on Windows to work properly, not within the application, and sometimes the mouse is not limited to the game window. We will continue to make improvements.

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