July 14, 2024

Sony is offering a 30% discount on the upgrade

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Sony is offering a 30% discount on the upgrade
Sony is offering a 30% discount on the upgrade

If you are subscribed to PS Plus Basic or additional interested in migrating to ps plus deluxe, Stay in touch. Sony is offering the lucky few to upgrade to its more powerful service level 30 discount in ps store The action is valid until December 20.

attention: Sony has not clarified whether this offer is active for all additional plan subscribers or whether a user needs a minimum number of days left on the active subscription to take advantage of this feature. Recipients received this notification in their console:

PS Plus Deluxe lucky discount
(Source: Jan Azevedo / PS5)

The promotion is not revealed through a tab in the consoles’ virtual store, as it is with others. Instead, when browsing the service listings, the display looks like this:

ps plus deluxe discount
(Source: PS Store)

In the browser, it is possible to access the feature in the subscription section. When choosing PS Plus Deluxe, the following price reduction is offered:

PS Plus Deluxe web browser discount
(Source: PS Store via web browser)

The main advantages of the Deluxe level are:

  • access rewards offered in PS Plus Essential and Extra, such as monthly games and the PS4 and PS5 game catalog;
  • access to classic PS1, PS2 and PSP titles;
  • Limited time game experience

New subscriber? Get PS Plus Deluxe for $100 less

Sony is offering a R$100 discount on all PS Plus plans (including PS Plus Deluxe) for non-subscribers to take advantage of. Find more information here🇧🇷

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