February 8, 2023
Sony offers R$100 of annual subscription

Sony offers R$100 of annual subscription

Sony offers a $100 off in the annual subscription Plus note – For new members only. This promotion continues today December 20th on the PS Store and is valid for all levels (Basic, Extra, and Deluxe).

This way, if you haven’t tried any of the service plans yet, you can purchase them at the following prices:

Recently Sony has been promoting a rework of the service to offer more features within the platform. The difference from one category to another is as follows:

  • PlayStation Plus Essential which will include three monthly games, exclusive discounts, cloud access and multiplayer games;
  • PlayStation Plus Extra: Offers essential benefits along with a catalog of hundreds of PS4 and PS5 games, including exclusive titles;
  • PlayStation Plus Deluxe: All the benefits of the Extra, access to the PlayStation Classic catalog (excluding PS3 games) and select game options to try;

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