February 1, 2023

Sony’s ‘PS5 Built-in’ Vehicle Unveiled at CES 2023 and Arriving in 2026 | dog

the Sony Honda Mobility showed off the first new Afeela brand electric car prototype, which will get the PlayStation 5 experience (ps5) built into your system, plus movies, music and more media options. The car was introduced by the CEO of the joint venture between Sony and Honda, Yasuhide Mizuno, during the company’s electronics fair conference. CES 2023, held between January 5 and 8 in Las Vegas, in the United States.

Afeela has a launch window of Spring 2026 in the US (Autumn in Brazil) with pre-sale scheduled for the first half of 2025. It should be noted that prior to the announcement, an executive had already indicated that the two Japanese giants Intent to join navigation and entertainment through an integrated console.

Sony Honda Mobility’s new Afeela will be able to run PlayStation 5 (PS5) games and arrive in 2026 – Image: Reproduction / Sony Global

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The concept of a car with an “integrated” PlayStation 5 (PS5) has been mooted by Sony Honda Mobility President Izumi Kawanishi, however, it is not clear if the car will actually contain the console’s hardware or if it intends to offer the experience through streaming. in the cloud. According to Sony’s presentation, the company is focusing on delivering entertainment in transit, which is changing with the introduction of self-driving cars.

Competitor manufacturers are already fighting the dispute, with Tesla Motors what intend to add support to me steam in your car and nvidia what He will take the service by stream From GeForce Now for vehicles HyundaiBYD and Polestar.

Among other details, the Afeela will have Level 3 self-driving capability, where the car is able to take control in certain situations such as traffic jams, but the driver needs to take over driving on demand. It will be equipped with 45 cameras, most of which are external to avoid accidents, but also internal to monitor the driver’s condition.

PS5 built into the car system will be available, and games can be viewed on the dashboard or on back seat screens – Image: Disclosure / Sony

Afeela will be able to play movies, music and games with a processor snapdragon Give Qualcomm on your system and will be using Unreal Engine epic games To display information more easily. On the front exterior of the car, there will be a “media bar”, which is a bar that displays various information such as the weather forecast, battery charge level or even the movie being watched inside the car.

The car presented by Sony is very similar to the Vision S that was shown 3 years ago at CES 2020, when the company announced that it would not enter the auto industry. According to The Verge, Afeela will have a competitive premium price compared to other existing brands, such as Mercedes BenzAnd the BMWAnd the Volvo And the Audi. Launch plans will start with the United States, followed by Japan and then Europe. Sony has also stated that it intends to offer subscription services for the car, without detailing what functions will be offered.