September 28, 2022
Soteldo details in Santos

Soteldo details in Santos

a saints announced today (11) Iverson Sutildo signed on loan. An agreement with Tigres (MEX) seemed unlikely and was celebrated by President Andres Rueda.

The first contact with the Mexicans occurred a month and a half ago, when Tigres said they had no interest in negotiating with the Venezuelan on loan. But after a few days, the situation began to change.

Tigres filled vacancies abroad and agreed to sell Soteldo, which did not do well in Mexico. Initially, the idea was permanent negotiations. Towards the end of July, the club agreed to loan the 25-year-old attacking midfielder.

With Tigres’ “yes” to the loan, Santos began negotiating salaries and a purchase option. Bixe has not been able to pay Soteldo’s salaries of around R$1m in Mexico and wants to set a suitable price for his stay. A few days later, Santos saw the perfect scenario for bringing the No. 10 home.

Sutildo has agreed to cut his salary and will receive 400,000 Rls at Santos, less than Brian Angulo. The fixed purchase option in the loan until July 2023 is $4 million (20 million R$) for 50% of the economic rights.

Santos knows it can make the Soteldo purchase possible in 2023 and sees itself in full conditions to pay the salary of the player who starred at Peixe between 2019 and 2021.

“We talked for a month and a half,” said President Andres Rueda. “It seemed impossible, but it has improved. It was an excellent negotiation for Santos. We are very happy with this recruitment.”


President Rueda said that Luan’s negotiations with Duílio Monteiro Alves, president of the CorinthiansSeven minutes to complete. Have coffee after the meeting in order to create the Libra (Liga do football Brazilian) and closed a deal.

“Santos pays 100,000 Brazilian riyals until the end of the year. We have priority to renew for another year. Priority to buy if interested. Good process for Santos, Corinthians and the player.”

Vinicius Zanusillo

In the coming weeks, Santos should exercise the option to buy Vinicius Zanusillo, on loan from Ferroviarea until May 2023. UOL Esporte It has been determined, the fixed amount will be paid at €2 million (10.6 million BRL) in 15 installments.

“I will do sports [a compra] before the appointed time. I am negotiating a legal method of payment. “It will be bought, yes,” said President Andres Rueda.


Santos has made a financial formation to allow the recruitment of Nathan, the former Boavista right-back. Pixie Dion took the Portuguese club with VascoThe club that revealed the 20-year-old.

Boavista’s share of what the Portuguese owes to Santos has been repaid by Jackson Borroso, the defender currently at Troyes (FRA). Vasco’s “chip” will be paid in 2023, in installments, if Raniel is not acquired.

The striker is loaned to Vasco until December. If Vasco wants Raniel to stay, Santos will pay nothing for Nathan. If Raneel returns, Peixe will pay around R$6 million in stakes.

Leo Baptistau

President Andres Rueda has commented on the sale of the striker to Almeria (ESP), for around R$8 million. Baptistau’s contract will expire in June.

“It was good for everyone. It was tough negotiating his arrival and he was a very basic and kind person, but he only had 10 months of contract and wanted to leave.”

Gabriel Karabagal

Santos advanced in negotiations with midfielder Gabriel Carabajalof Argentinos Juniors (Argentina), but President Andres Rueda was not observant when the 30-year-old asked him.

“I only speak with a signed contract. What’s on social networks is enough. They talk about players we don’t even think of. Imagine if we did that? I don’t want to make a fuss.”

Felipe Jonathan and Lucas Braga

Left-back Felipe Jonatan has been speculated at Fenerbahce (Turkey), while striker Lucas Braga is being targeted by Al-Ahly (EGI), according to journalist Fabio Surmani. President Andres Rueda denied any suggestion from the duo.

“Nothing, nothing came.”