September 28, 2023
South Africa eases restrictions imposed over Covid-19

South Africa eases restrictions imposed over Covid-19

a South Africa It will not require more than those who have been exposed to a positive condition Corona Virus They are quarantined or tested unless symptoms appear, according to a statement from the Director-General of South Africa’s National Health Ministry, Dr Sandile Puthelezi.

According to the statement, all contact tracing operations will be stopped with immediate effect, except for sudden mass increases or standalone configurations. The new regulations also apply to vaccinated and unvaccinated people, with rules applicable based on the severity of the disease.

Those who have been exposed to a positive case but do not show symptoms will be asked to practice “self-monitoring” for five to seven days to monitor the progression of symptoms.

However, precautions will still need to be improved, including wearing a mask, social distancing and avoiding enclosed spaces.

Those who experience “mild illness” after exposure will have to self-isolate for eight days and must wear a mask at all times during the self-isolation period. However, Covid-19 testing will not be necessary after the isolation period ends.

According to the Ministry of Health, mild illness refers to people who have developed symptoms and tested positive, but do not need to be hospitalized.

In the case of “severe illness”, self-isolation is required for 10 days instead of eight days.