July 25, 2024

Spartacus, the ‘new PS Plus’, has been praised by the head of Xbox

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Spartacus, the 'new PS Plus', has been praised by the head of Xbox
Spartacus, the 'new PS Plus', has been praised by the head of Xbox

the Spartacus, the new model is supposed to be from PS Plus alternative PS now, by Phil Spencer, President of Xbox Game Studios. He endorsed the feature’s arrival, said it was “the right thing” and said he’s looking forward to making Sony its titles available at launch on multiple platforms.

If you follow the same steps for PS Now and Game Pass, the subscription service for old titles from the Japanese giant should be running on PC. For Spencer, who gave an interview to IGNWhen other publishers think of something like Microsoft Stream, it’s helpful for the gaming community to enjoy it whenever and wherever they want.

When I hear other people are doing things like Game Pass or coming to PC, it makes perfect sense to me because I think it’s the right answer.

The CEO also showed hope with the debut of Spartacus. Apparently, having PS1 games, PS2And PS3The PSP, PS Vita, and potential PS4 and PS5 titles have teased the head of Xbox Studios.

I like it because it fuels our energy for upcoming projects that we should focus on as we continue to build on what has been done in the past. I think it’s the right thing. Release great games and bring them to PC, console, and the cloud and make them available on premiere day to subscribers. I hope our competitor will.

Playstation Spartacus

More evidence of the arrival of Spartacus

Sony is a technology capable of running games from old PlayStation consoles on current hardware — at least that’s what a patent filed by Mark Cerny, PS5 engineer, suggests. Could this be further evidence of the arrival of Spartacus? discover it!

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