September 25, 2022
Spider-Man is America's most popular superhero

Spider-Man is America’s most popular superhero

Talking about the most popular superhero, The spider man Always seems to be fighting BatmanNowadays it surpasses even that.

According to a study A smart voteroh”Webmaster” ranked first in 25 of the 50 states polled, standing out as the most popular superhero in America.

Second, the Batman Being the most popular hero in 10 US states shows that he also has a lot of power.

numbers spider manHowever, it’s even more impressive to see him appear in the top 5 most popular heroes in 48 of the 50 states.

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The study also proved that Wonderful The North American public’s favorite publisher, Forward AD with a percentage difference of 4.6%.

“The power ofWall climber” is felt in success Spider-Man: No HomecomingIt grossed $1.9 billion in its first run in theaters.

In the film, Peter Parker will have to deal with the consequences of his identity as the world’s most beloved hero, a record Mysterio made in the previous film, The Daily Bugle reports.

Unable to separate his normal life from his adventures as a superhero, as well as ruining his reputation by thinking that he killed Mysterio and endangered his loved ones, Parker asks Doctor Strange to make everyone forget his true identity. . However, the spell doesn’t go as planned and the situation becomes even more dangerous when villains from other versions of Spider-Man from other universes end up in his world.

Now, Peter will not only be able to stop the villains from his other versions and return them to his original universe, but will also learn that being a hero comes with great responsibility.