Sports in brief

Les sports en bref

The GEW High City

The wrestlers of the GEW Classic have appointments in the school gym of the Upper Town, on Saturday night at Granby, in the context of a Battle Of Glory, the gala, the most popular of the organisation after the Uprising, which always marks the end of the season.

The promoter Frédéric Robert told us, that all titles will be at stake, including the most prestigious, the one that is currently owned by Big Foot, which will attempt to curb Mitch Thompson in her impulses. There will also be a battle royal 30 wrestlers will be in the arena. The action will begin at 19: 30. The Voice of the East

Volleyball : slow start for the Aces

The three teams of the Aces, this volleyball program civil female of the region, have experienced a slow start as they have begun their seasonal schedule. The formation of less than 15 years has certainly been the one that is best managed as she finished in ninth place after winning some important victories during the tournament, to the satisfaction of the coaches Alain Sauvageau and Frederick Ostiguy.

“The determination and perseverance were at the rendezvous and this is what we want to see our athletes,” they explained. The team of under 18 years of age, she has won two of his eight games while the training of under 17 years of age, for his part, has lost its eight meetings. “We keep the head high, and continue to work hard,” said Jacques Southière, coach of under 17 years of age. Aces evolve in the first division of the circuit Volleyball Québec. The Voice of the East

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