Stability in the calendar of the series canadian NASCAR

De la stabilité au calendrier de la série canadienne de NASCAR

The next season of the series canadian NASCAR will be contested under the sign of the stability. At least, in regards to the calendar.

For the first time in its history, the series will offer a schedule absolutely similar to that of the previous season. The same number of events, but also to the same places and in the same order.

As usual, the first race will take place on the road circuit of Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Bowmanville, on 19 may, during the long weekend of the feast of the queen, or, as they say in Quebec, that of the Patriots. And for a third year in a row, the final of the season will be presented at the Jukasa Motor Speedway, in the Hamilton area, on September 28.

The Autodrome Chaudière in Vallée-Jonction (29 June), the streets of Trois-Rivières (August 11) and the Autodrome Saint-Eustache (September 7) to welcome them to the events held in Quebec.

In the case of Saint-Eustache, he will be the last presence of the cars of the series, canadian NASCAR, the complex to close its doors at the end of the next racing season. But many are of the opinion that the ICAR Circuit of Mirabel resume its place within the series Pinty’s in 2020 in place of the track property of Alan Labrosse.

The series canadian NASCAR return at New Hampshire Motor Speedway (September 21), in the west of the country (the 24 July in the framework of a dual program in Saskatoon and on the 27th of July in Edmonton) as well as in Nova Scotia (17 August).

No, Granby, still does not appear in the calendar of the series Pinty’s.

Store and… Labbé?

Andrew Ranger will again run in series canadian NASCAR in 2019. If his contract with his primary sponsor Mopar is still not signed, it has an agreement in principle for months.

And it should not be surprising review Alex Labbé run in Canada in 2019, which still has no guarantee regarding the upcoming season, series Xfinity, which will begin in February. In fact, Labbé speaks more openly of a possible return in the series Pinty’s.

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