Star Wars 9: The character Snoke back to the screen in 2019 ?

Star Wars 9: Le personnage Snoke de retour à l’écran en 2019 ?

Star Wars 9 will be back in cinemas in December 2019. In the meantime the actor Andy Serkis tells a bit more about his character, Snoke !

The movie Star Wars 9 will indeed see the light of day. Even if it doesn’t come out at the cinema before December 2019, or in a year, the actor Andy Serkis could not help but say a little more about the output of this new component. And he gave some additional details on the possible return of his character Snoke. MCE tells you more.

The Star Wars 9 planned for December 2019

In fact, the ninth component of Star Wars will come out nice and well, but not before a small time. Fans of the famous saga will have to wait until December 2019. This will be J. J. Abrams who will be responsible for the realisation of the Star Wars 9 in. This last film will end this new trilogy. The director had already completed the seventh pane, and laid the foundations of the story.

more according to some rumors circulating on the internet at this time, J. J. Abrams would not have enjoyed a few liberties taken by Rian Johnson in his film. And this would be so for this reason he wants to rewrite some thing to the ninth component of Star Wars 9. For example, he would not have enjoyed the moment of revelation on the parents of Rey. This passage could be cancelled and once again become one of the important subjects of the film. Same for the mask of Kilo Ren which might was well be re-surface. Finally the person Snoke would have its place again in the movie even if nothing seems to ensure.

The character of Snoke made his as back ?

In fact, remember the character of Snoke has experienced a death rather disappointing according to the fans of the last trilogy. The big bad was regarded as one of the key characters for the next films. And his performer, the actor Andy Serkis has decided to teaser somewhat his future.

This took place on the red carpet of the film Mowgli. The actor said a little more about the future of Snoke in Star Wars 9. “I sent an email to J. J. Abrams and I said to him :” let me know how things are going to move forward and at what point this will be exciting’. Of course, I really want to see how it will be put in place. Who knows, Snoke could well return. I say nothing, I propose just. I’m having fun just to spread the rumor, but absolutely anything can happen “.

You will have understood, nothing seems certain about the return of Snoke in Star Wars 9 !


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