Statistics of terror: the Shin bet has prevented 250 attacks in Israel

Статистика террора: ШАБАК предотвратил 250 атак в Израиле

With the help of traditional methods and modern technology “big data” since the beginning of the year, the security Agency the Shin bet has prevented about 250 of the attacks.

These data are the Director of an Agency Nadav Argaman shared at a closed meeting of members of the government in the framework of the International conference on terrorism, held on 13 June in Jerusalem. The conference was attended by the Minister of public safety and strategic planning Gilad Erdan.

Despite the fact that the presentation Argaman had closed soon Shin bet issued a press release.

According to Argaman, his Department was able to prevent a major terrorist attack, including bombings, suicide bombings, kidnappings and mass executions. Particularly useful in the fight against terrorism with the so-called “wolves-loners” had the development of big data technologies. Earlier, when Israeli intelligence was tracking the activities of terrorists in social networks manually, it was impossible.

The Director of the Shin bet noted that the General security service is seeking the balance between intelligence gathering in the real world and cyberspace, and the main dilemma he calls the advance of technology, present in terrorists.

In addition, Nadav Argaman stressed the importance of strategic cooperation with international partners of Israel both within the country and abroad, as well as with other security agencies.


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