February 6, 2023

Steam players can take a look at the year; See how

Players can see in detail the time they have spent gaming in 2022

Computer gamers who own steam One of the major gaming platforms they use, you can see a rundown of everything I’ve played this year. This Monday (26), Computer Titles Library from valve Grant access to Replay Steam 2022.

The system allows players to see all the details and how time has been divided during that year. There, it is possible to see how many games have been played, as well as which ones were used for the first time. In addition, Steam Replay also shows players’ favourites, showing how much time they spent on the title.

Game details and information

All the gaming passion is also presented to gamers through graphs that show how many consecutive days they have spent opening Steam titles. Another piece of relevant data from the service provided by Valve’s game library is mode preference, which shows users’ preferences.

Players interested in learning more about Steam Reboot need to go to the platform’s official website, which is available in this link🇧🇷 When you scroll down, you need to find the image where Replay Steam 2022 appears. Then just click to access the account information provided by the company around the year 2022.

To show the level of closeness to the platform and the gaming world, Steam also reveals the average number of players compared to each user’s account. In this way, they also provide statistics such as average consecutive days in games, average titles played, and how many achievements users have on average.

The analysis also reveals the numbers through monthly charts. This makes it possible to see which months players have played the most. Full details are available on Valve’s Game Library website.

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