March 30, 2023
Steam sets a new record for concurrent active users: more than 27 million users

Steam sets a new record for concurrent active users: more than 27 million users

The platform also sets a new record for in-game users

a steam The biggest platform ever launched on PC, without a doubt. During the pandemic, due to isolation, a platform valve Record numbers of active users. Now that the epidemic has subsided, many players are back to their routines, but that hasn’t stopped steam To record new and even larger numbers. On Tweety Posted yesterday, profile SteamDB It reported that the platform has more than 27 million online users.

to be more specific, 27.384.959 The players were online at the same time. Previous record was 26.9 million users in April. At the time this news broke, there were 25.6 million players online. This does not mean that everyone who was online was playing. At the time of this record, 7.8 million were actively playing something, which is another record for Steam as well.

In February last year, before the Covid-19 explosion in the world, Steam set its first record (18.8 million) since January 2018, which had 18.5 million active users and this number has been increasing since then. Once the global lockdown began, as of March, the number rose to 20 million, up from 22 million in March. And in December 2020, the number exceeded 24 million and reached 26.5 million in February of this year, with the previous record set in April, as we mentioned earlier.

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Among the most played games, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is still on top, as always, and today it has almost reached the home of a million players simultaneously. After him comes DOTA 2, with the numbers approaching. PUBG, New World, Apex Legends, Team Fortress 2, GTA V, Farming Simulator 22, Rust and MIR4 closed the top 10 games played at the moment.

The strange thing that a SteamDB profile has now posted is that More people are playing Farming Simulator 22 than are playing Battlefield 2042. Numbers appear more than 93,000 farmers and 46,000 are facing the war of the future. Although the maximum number of players between the two games is almost the same, it is worth noting that BF 2042 was released three days ago. In other words, Farming Simulator 22 performs better overall.


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via: jimzradar