January 27, 2023
Valores a Receber

Step by step on how to receive money for receivables

In January, Brazil’s central bank encouraged the possibility of discovering some “forgotten money” in the value-receivable system. British Columbia estimates that there will be R$8 billion to be returned to 28 million individuals and companies. However, the values ​​that each citizen will exchange for it have not yet been revealed.

Initially, the system showed all the information and was rescued during the consultation, however, in less than 24 hours of the system in the air, the site went down and only returned on February 14, with several changes.

In order to help you research and recover the amount you may have to receive, the SCD Newsroom has prepared a flowchart to clarify all your doubts regarding redemption in the Values ​​to Receive system, check the following:

Photo: SCD newsroom

According to the Central Bank, individuals and legal entities that have identified “forgotten money” on the “Values ​​Debit” website must indicate a Pix account or key as of March 7, and Banks Deposit must be made within 12 days. Therefore, the first payment must be credited to the account of the Brazilians by March 19.

As you can see, the Central Bank has set a schedule for returning to the site and indicating the account. Now watch when you have to go back to the site to reference the pixel:

Year of birth or opening of the company Nomination date for Pix history summary
Until 1968 From 7 to 11 March March 12
Between 1968 and 1983 From 14 to 18 March March 19
after 1983 From 21 to 25 March March 26

If the financial institution does not offer the possibility of receiving funds through Pix, Bacen will provide the email and phone number of the institution so that the connection can be made and the bank can make the payment to the client. We assure that it is the customer who will contact the bank, in this way frauds will be avoided.

How to refer to the “Amounts Payable” system

According to the Central Bank, about R$8 billion is in the possession of financial institutions that need to be returned to customers, and in this first phase, R$4 billion is available for consulting.

Users who want to return to the “missing” amounts must access the new search site of the Central Bank, and http://valoresareceber.bcb.gov.br.

Now check how to find if part of the forgotten R$8 billion is yours:

  • Enter Location “Amounts due” ;
  • use your login “gov.br”;
  • Record “CPF” or “CNPJ”;
  • Check the amounts – if any – to be received;
  • Enter the PIX key.

In the first query, the system does not show how much the user will get, only whether or not there are sums received.

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Photo: Alison Nunes Calazans / Shutterstock.com