August 9, 2022
Stephanie Baez reveals his boycott in 'The Farm': 'Camera cut'

Stephanie Baez reveals his boycott in ‘The Farm’: ‘Camera cut’

Stephanie Baez became famous for some controversy when she participated in ‘On vacation with ex‘, However, Show a quieter version in a ‘farmBecause of the behavior, the influencer believes that he did not meet the expectations of Rodrigo Carelli, Director reality, detects a note “interrupt” by the station.

During a conversation on the “PodPah” podcast, the former MTV revealed that she had been invited to the 11th edition of Country Reality, however, she had already signed a contract to DFCE and was unable to participate. The show’s production team reached out the following year, and according to Stephanie, they must have been not too happy with what they saw. I am Karelian horror. He hoped I was one thing and I was another. He thought I was going to cause it and I didn’t cause it to be modified. Guys, I’m bipolar. There are two people inside of me,’ he reveals.

Bayes reveals that he noticed a kind of “interruption” due to his friendship with MC Mirella. We’ve been taken for granted by editing. We were in the kitchen and the camera went off. We were the terror of Bishop Macedo, he jokes.

“On Vacation With Ex”

Stephanie also remembers being on the MTV reality show and the confusion he experienced. The last time I drank vodka it was reality show. Because I didn’t remember what I did, and then I went to see what I did, and I said, ‘I’ll never drink vodka again.’ Because I don’t know if the drink was baptized, but we just got crazier than Batman. (…]You can drink anything and you’re already crazy. Lucas Maciel gave me a job! He got angry, threw himself on the floor, and wanted to fight. He says Lucas is very spoiled when he drinks.