May 18, 2022
Stephen Breyer, US Supreme Court Justice, to retire, press says |  Globalism

Stephen Breyer, US Supreme Court Justice, to retire, press says | Globalism

Stephen Breyer, longest-serving justice of the US Supreme Court United Statehe will retire soon, according to various reports in the American press published on Wednesday (26).

The 83-year-old judge is one of three liberal representatives from the highest US court – which has a conservative majority.

According to the New York Times, Joe Biden is expected to announce Breyer’s departure next Thursday (27) in a speech at the White House.

The announcement of retirement came, for the first time, through a report broadcast by the American station NBC, quoting sources close to the judge.

With Breyer retired, it will be possible for the Democrat to make good on his campaign promise to nominate a black woman for the position, according to the Associated Press.

The liberal judge’s departure will not change the order of the seats in the Supreme Court, which has a conservative majority (6 to 3).

Breyer has been a member of the US Supreme Court since 1994, when he was appointed by then-President Bill Clinton.

after Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies in 2020And the Emmy nomination of Connie Barrett by President Donald Trump, Breyer came under pressure from liberals to retire.

This is because, with the Democratic Party controlling a majority in the Senate, it would be possible to ensure that his seat would continue to be filled by a representative of the same orientation.

In the Obama administration, Breyer and Ginsburg were pressured by liberals to leave their office—and thus ensure they would maintain their seats among Democrats—but they refused.