November 28, 2023
Sthe describes the bus accident with Keefe Johnny: 'I lost consciousness in the accident'

Sthe describes the bus accident with Keefe Johnny: ‘I lost consciousness in the accident’

influencer Stefan Matos Update followers about his health through a social media post.

She and her boyfriend, singer Keefe Johnny, had a bus accident on a BR-242 yesterday.In western Bahia near the city of Cristopolis.

According to a note from the influencer’s team, “Some people were injured, but fortunately there were no deaths.” After what happened, the artist, influencer, and 20 other people from the music team were taken to the hospital.

“I am here today to be able to speak to you for a true miracle! God saved us and thankfully Keefe and all his team are alive and recovering,” the former participant wrote in “farm🇧🇷

In the accident, she was thrown into the trunk of the bus. I received a heavy blow to the head and back and lost consciousness at the moment of the accident. I was unconscious for a while, and when I woke up, I was already in the ambulance, I was in so much pain and I lost a lot of oxygen, but the doctors managed to make me stable.
Sthe Matos, influential

“I still have a lot of pain in the area of ​​the blow and have a hard time turning around because the pain is so intense,” she added.

Sthefane and Kevi Jonny posted post-incident updates on their social media - clone / Instagram - clone / Instagram

Stefane and Kevi Jonny posted updates after the incident on their social media

Photo: Playback / Instagram

The influencer said she is still being monitored, pending the results of some tests.

this afternoon, Kevin Johnny Also posted an update.

“We are still doing well. Just doing the last exams. Most of the team has already been laid off. Some will need to have surgery, but nothing serious, thank God. Now is the time to wait for this shock and ask for patience and strength,” he said.

Due to the incident, Kevi Jonny has chosen to cancel the shows he will be doing this weekend. Thus, the events in Luis Eduardo (BA), scheduled for yesterday, in Riachão do Jacuípe (BA), scheduled for today, in Teixeira de Freitas (BA), on Sunday, and at Taobim (MG), on Monday, will have dates New.