August 9, 2022
Sthe Matos inflicts punishment, but Dynho wipes and blames Rico TV News

Sthe Matos inflicts punishment, but Dynho wipes and blames Rico TV News

Stefan Matos Caused collective punishment on Tuesday morning (26th) in farm 13. The woman from Bahia used a wet handkerchief from the reserved bathroom, though she was in the stall, and left her colleagues without bread and salt for 48 hours. though, Dinho Alves Blame Rico Melquiades.

In her defense, Stei said she didn’t even know she couldn’t use tissue paper. “I didn’t go into the cabin, I just asked for wipes and went downstairs,” she explained. MC Mirella’s husband was responsible for selecting the personal hygiene item for the digital influencer.

As soon as he used it, the siren sounded at the headquarters. He said, “I think it fits the use of the kiosk.” Arcrebian de Araújo. “But I did it when I went to the booth and I wasn’t punished,” said Rico. “I changed my swimming trunks in the kiosk for 30 days, every day, and only got kicked last week,” said Tiago Picuelo.

“Do you want to see that it will be salt?” , bet on the former MTV. “Wow, only today am I going to make a minion?” Maylady Mihaly. Rico suggested: “Guys, hide the salt!” The punishment came after a few minutes of speaking. Nobody hides salt for cooking.

Later, Dinho lamented the production’s “sentence” of leaving them without bread and salt, but blamed Alagoas. “If Rico didn’t say hide the salt, they wouldn’t take it,” he said, referring to the show’s production decision.

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